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Authentic Leadership

Radio Talk, November 22, 2014 @ 8pm Chicago Time

Authentic leadership is a product of honesty.

Authentic leadership is also a product of clarity.

We become what we want to be by being what we want to become.

Becoming an authentic leader requires day-to-day focus and lifelong commitment to self-discovery.

Authenticity = Trust

Authentic leadership is all about trust.

Can our people trust us to tell them the truth?

Can our people trust us to stake out a path that is for the best good of everyone, not just us?

Can our people trust us to accept feedback and even criticism without getting defensive or, worse, engaging in retribution?

Can they trust us to give them the resources they need to do the work we demand?

It was Mahatma Gandhi who said, “The moment there is a suspicion about a person’s motives, everything he does becomes tainted.”

Listen On or After November 22, 2014 (@8PM Chicago Time)

About Dr. Surya

Using Quantum Physics and business research, Dr. Surya explores the correlation between the science of consciousness and patterns in the business world, to suggest innovative ways of using this wisdom to lead and succeed in a business environment that is constantly evolving at a rapid pace. Self-awareness is the awareness of the self as separate from the thoughts that are occurring at any point in time. Without self-awareness the self perceives and believes the thoughts that are occurring to be who the self is. Self-awareness gives one the option or choice to choose thoughts being thought rather than simply thinking the thoughts that are stimulated from the accumulative events leading up to the circumstances of the moment. Along with his work as an Author, Writer, Blogger and popular Internet Radio Talk Show Host, Dr. Surya is in-demand as a public speaker. Clients include small to large corporations and individuals.
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