Belief + Focus + Visualize = Success!

Belief + Focus + Visualize = Success!

We all know that goals are fundamental to the accomplishment of things large and small. Every super achiever has the ability to set and follow through on their goals. But, have you ever wondered what is actually behind the proven power of goals?

Whenever a success strategy has a proven track record for producing results, it can be advantageous to understand why. Once we identify where the power comes from, we immediately gain a greater appreciation for the value of each step involved. In addition, that understanding can help us to produce our desired results more consistently.

The 3 Part Power Source of Goals

1. The Belief Factor – During 2005 PGA Championship, Phil Mickelson was trailing by three strokes with only six holes left to play. He had to sink this very difficult putt if he was going to have any chance of winning. In his own words, Phil “kept seeing and believing that things would work out for him that day.” And they did. He sank the putt, birdied another and then sank an improbable 20-footer on the 18th hole to win by one stroke.

How could he continue to believe in himself even when he was falling behind? It’s important to note that his winning belief was not a function of experience. Mickelson had the undesirable distinction of playing in 48 major tournaments and never winning any of them. At that time he was known for being the best golfer in the world never to have won a major golf tournament. But Mickelson had mentally rehearsed winning this tournament so many times that he came to truly believe that he would win. It was that unshakable belief coupled with his intense focus that led him to victory.

2. The Focus Factor – One of the primary reasons that goals work so well is because they provide a clearly defined target on which to focus our energy. With enough focus the human mind has the astounding ability to accomplish almost anything it sets out to achieve. However, without a clearly defined target that ability to focus is too diffused to generate the necessary energy.

Goals work to focus our energies in the same way that a magnifying glass can capture sunlight and turn it into enough energy to start a fire. Anyone who has played with a magnifying glass quickly understands the principles of focused energy. When the diffused light hitting that glass is concentrated into a very small area, it generates enormous power. The same thing happens when a portion of the diffused energy you expend is concentrated toward the achievement of a clearly defined goal.

  • Energy Pool - Focus Energy Pool - Focus

3. The Visualization Factor – Having crystal clear goals also allows us to utilize power of visualization and unleash significantly more energy than what is available from goal-setting alone. This is because when we visualize we are able to recruit some of the resources of our subconscious mind. The key factor here is the fact that while our conscious mind can discern the difference between an actual experience and one that we visualize, the subconscious mind cannot.

A visualized event has the ability to program our neural networks because it is seen and felt in the subconscious as though it is actually happening. So, even though the visualized experience is imagined, neurologically there is an experiential form of seeing, feeling and knowing being created. This registers as an actual memory that fosters a sense of confidence based on the perception that we have already successfully accomplished our goal. That’s the power of visualization!

Belief + Focus + Visualization = Success!

Your assignment: Imagine that you are achieving a goal and celebrating how it feels. Do this 21 times a day over the next seven days. To your conscious mind, you may just be imagining something that might never happen. But, to the part of you (subconscious mind) that controls your astounding ability to achieve almost anything, it actually did happen. In fact, it happened over 200 times!

When the pressure is on and you really need to come through, it is your ability to focus and the visualization based belief within you that will take over and lead you to success. Your conscious mind may have doubts, but your neural networks will be preprogrammed to do what the subconscious mind has already done more than 200 times before and your reality will rearrange itself accordingly.




You may want to listen to my discussion with Regina Rowlison on the power of Visualization as a Critical Success Factor for your success. Namaste!



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