Case Studies

Case Studies

Through our national Network of Affiliates, the following are examples of results that a few of our clients have achieved. While we developed and facilitated the process, these results were designed and generated by the employees of their respective organizations; therefore the buy-in was very high, the gains were maintained, and the satisfaction levels grew significantly.

CS1 - Strategy and Sales

CS1 - Strategy and Sales

Case 1: Aftermarket Auto Retailer

Challenges: High personnel turnover, unable to pay vendors, possibility of closing locations.

Action: Leadership development process for owner and Strategic Planning Process, which redefined the business and positioned the company for profitable growth.

Result: All locations remained in business and were profitable in several months. This client was able to re-negotiate term-loans due to the detailed business plan.

By the time we had completed Strategic Planning and Leadership, it was clear to me that we had adopted ‘success thinking.’ We have just completed two very strong months in succession. In fact, this months was our best net profit month in our 79-year history!” – Automobile Industry

Case 2: Cable Company

Challenges: Competition was a major threat, little to no accountability from employees and leaders, miscommunication among staff.

Action: Sales development process for sales representatives.

Result: 260% increase in closing rate, dramatic increase in customer retention, and increased wages for staff.

This course made me very aware of myself.” – Retail Industry

CS2 - Manufacturing

CS2 - Manufacturing

Case 1: Manufacturing Company

Challenges: New product introductions were not being realized fast enough, windows of opportunity constantly being missed.

Action: Implemented Accelerated Time To Market Program (ATTM)

Result: Overall process reduced from 316 days to 112 days average. New business increased 36%.

Not only do we now understand what you do, but we highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their business.” – Window Manufacturer

Case 2: Manufacturing Company

Challenges: International high technology equipment manufacturer was too dependent upon semi-conductor industry.

Action: Integrated business plans developed by marketing and sales management.

Result: Plan implemented by industry teams resulted in reduced dependence and growth in new segments.

As a result of our commitment to the Strategic Plan, our sales are up over 300% from our sales as of this date one year ago.” – Basket Manufacturer

CS3 - Family Owned or Custom Printing

CS3 - Family Owned or Custom Printing

Case 1: Family Owned Electrical Contracting Business

Challenges: Company was struggling through an ownership transition from father to son. Bottom line results remained flat.

Action: Customer Loyalty development process for staff, Management development process for owner to facilitate succession.

Result: Bottom line performance exceeded expectations, achieved double digit growth in service side of business, and business growth enabled the acquisition of another business.

The Executive Leadership process helped us get things done through our employees. We now have a core group of dedicated people who want to make our vision a reality. After four months of working together, our bottom line is $100,000 greater than it was during the same timeframe one year ago.” – HVAC Industry

Case 2: Custom Printing Company

Challenges: The president wanted the staff to focus more on the customer, had production challenges, and jobs were not being completed on time.

Action: Customer Service development process for staff, Executive Leadership development process for the president, and Management development process for the production manager.

Result: Sales, productivity, liquidity, and profitability exceeded goals that were set for the year.

The Leadership material was certainly challenging and eye opening. It gave me insight not only to my weaknesses as a leader but also to my untapped strengths.” – Printing Industry

CS4 - Hospital and Medical Supply Manufacturer

CS4 - Hospital and Medical Supply Manufacturer

Case 1: Community Hospital

Challenges: Low service levels, high costs and poor morale.

Action: Top to bottom Total Quality Management Implementation, (Strategic Planning, Management and Leadership Development, and Employee Team Training). Aligned their strategy, people, and processes.

Result: Improved financial performance, improved patient and employee satisfaction, and decreased costs. Recognized in the community and state by receiving numerous quality awards.

I have had five different outside people comment on the changes they have observed since the program started. They used words like Things are different around here. People are now working together in a collaborative way I didn’t see before. This place is alive all of a sudden! When I came in here two months ago this place was like a morgue! What did you do?” – Hospital Administrator

Case 2: Medical Supply Manufacturer

Challenges: High sales personnel turnover, low new business generation.

Action: Leadership development process for sales managers

Result: Unintended sales turnover was reduced by 86%, with raw savings of $600,000. Higher caliber sales representatives were hired resulting in a reduced learning curve as measured by new business, which improved by 43%

We thought we had a good October last year, but this year our October sales were up by 66%. That represents almost $100,000 in new business. When you said you could help us increase our sales, I would have been delighted by 10%, but 66%! It is beyond our wildest hopes.” – COO

CS5 - Vegetable Oil Manufacturer

CS5 - Vegetable Oil Manufacturer

Case 1: Vegetable Oil Manufacturer

Challenges: The company was experiencing a number of customer complaints. Complaints were handled by seven different departments and took about 82 steps and each cost $25.00.

Action: Implemented Cycle Time Reduction.

Result: They were able to reduce their complaint process to 40 steps and reduce cost to $10.00, which reduced their annual loss due to complains from $25K to $5K.

If we don’t see a significant reduction in (manufacturing) cycle time, we won’t have done our job.” – Senior Director/Production

Case 2: Vegetable Oil Manufacturer 2

Challenges: The company had no formal process for inventory control. They were having trouble meeting customer inquiries due to their lack of knowledge of their inventory and were receiving too many complaints to attract larger prospects.

Action: Implemented Cycle Time Reduction.

Result: Their new system increased efficiency by 518%, inventory-tracking process hours were reduced by 700 hours, and every two months they save $115K, or almost $700K per year. They were able to secure two large accounts.

We used to be very concerned about our cycle times, making sure everything was running as fast as possible. Now we are not that worried about that any more.” – Customer Liaison

CS6 - Health Care and Insurance

CS6 - Health Care and Insurance

Case 1: Healthcare Organization

Challenges: Organization was seeking leadership development for their senior team to help with their poor communication.

Action: Used D.I.AL.O.G. (organizational evaluation instrument) to bring additional alignment to organization, Executive Leadership development process for senior team, and administered Attribute Index to each participant to use to help with team building and collaboration.

Result: Communication improved, discovered who their high performers were and who was struggling, and shifted job responsibilities based on those facts.

Thank you very much for guiding us through this. We are absolutely better off because of it. Biggest take away; What is our biggest leverage point/points and focus on effective change. Your right, it’s not just about business decisions.” ~ President & CEO

Case 2: Insurance Company and Broker

Challenges: Company was in need of a Strategic Plan.

Action: Implemented Strategic Planning process, Executive Leadership development process, Management development process, and Leadership development process for staff members.

Result: Completed 95% of strategic plan initiatives, and the team is now functioning at a high level of alignment.

Our annual sales review was amazing—we were blessed with huge growth during a very rough economy. Our business grew nearly $1 million in the past 18 months and we wanted to identify why. When I looked at the calendar, it became rather obvious. This dramatic sales increase started as we were completing your Sales and Leadership development project.” – Insurance Industry

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