Lessons from a Patio Tomato Plant

I am growing a patio tomato plant, which is in a large pot on my backyard deck. It was just a few inches high when I bought it from a local nursery in early spring. I also had to get good soil and fertilizer. I check it every day to make sure its soil is moist and get rid of ... Read More »

Effective Uses of Listening Skills

Here is a five-step process for learning better leadership skills. These steps focus primarily on listening skills, once again requiring both listening to oneself and to others (including through self-awareness, empathic listening, 360 feedbacks, and coaching). Step one is identifying one’s ideal self, which is to say, uncovering and listening to one’s core values and beliefs to draw a picture of ... Read More »

Easy Ways to Get Self Motivated

People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents. ~ Andrew Carnegie Now that summer is here, I thought that we could all use a little dose of self motivation. It’s not always easy to be motivated to get your work done, even long time entrepreneurs sometimes tend to get ... Read More »

What Do You Need to Change Your Behavior?

We’ve all had those times when we were bad. And not the “I didn’t know so it’s not my fault” kind of bad, but the “fully aware, self-justified” kind of bad. Why do we do things that we… Know are bad for us? For example, eating cheesy puffs.  (I personally deny having a cheesy puff problem. I only eat cheesy ... Read More »

Understanding Human Behavior Opens New Doors

Scientific discoveries and new technologies promise much better life to all individuals. But delivering on that promise means that we must think and act differently. The history of innovation shows that it is a lot harder than most people realize. It’s just like the adage “A tiger doesn’t change its stripes.” Throughout my career as an academic scholar, author, manager, ... Read More »

No one can change your life except for you

The fact of the matter is changing one’s behavior and modifying attitudes requires guidance and re-program your brain. Here is why: You need a license to drive a car, and you need to know how to operate a computer.  But do you really need to know how to operate your brain?  You wouldn’t think so, but if you’re committed to ... Read More »

Fight the Fear of Change

We are all naturally apprehensive about change. We fear the unknown. Most people are reluctant to take risks. This can be particularly true in a successful business. Success can be an enemy of innovation. Why mess with a model that works? There is little incentive to take risks and try new things. But even successful companies are at risk if ... Read More »

Attitudes Affect Everything We Do

Attitudes determine the way we treat people. They affect the way we perceive change. They influence our ability to set and reach goals. Attitudes affect our ability to realize and progress through Maslow’s levels of need satisfaction. The following sequence may help you see the significance of attitudes. Results: Each of us as goal seekers want to achieve certain results from ... Read More »

Think of things that no one else thinks of

In my previous blog, I suggested a few pointers on how to think ‘out-of-the-box.’ This week, I am going to elaborate a little more on innovative thinking with a slight twist. How can you think of things that no-one else thinks of? The answer is by deliberately taking a different approach to the issue from everyone else. There are dominant ideas in ... Read More »

Thinking ‘Out-of-The-Box’

How many times have you been advised to “think-out-of-the-box”?  How many times have you wondered why you are unable to “think-out-of-the-box” more often? We are all products of our environment and our backgrounds usually prevent us from viewing situations with the unique eyes of our personal experience. However, successful leaders who think “out-of-the-proverbial-box” do so by applying their own kinds ... Read More »

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