Customer Loyalty – Part I

Customer Loyalty – Part I

Customer Loyalty Without Employee Loyalty? Not Happening – Part I


If developing and measuring customer loyalty is a strategic initiative for your organization, don’t overlook the impact that each employee has on the entire loyalty process. It is very difficult for an organization to have loyal customers if they don’t have loyal employees.

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Are your employees:

dissatisfied in their jobs or with the organization, or its products and services?

believing what they do is just a job or that they are only a pair of rented hands

taught to do only what they are told to do and to never ask questions or think original thoughts?

If so, it is possible they are disengaged. There is no way you can count on them to go out of their way to create loyal customers.

The attitudes of your employees have a direct influence upon the way customers are treated and how the organization is perceived. Your employees interact with your customers … probably all of them at one time or another.

It is the employees who present the face of the organization to the customer; therefore, it is critical to understand, measure, and manage their level of loyalty to your organization.

Here are a couple of quick steps to help you develop an Employee Loyalty Score (ELS) metric for your business. Ask your employees, “On a scale of zero to ten with zero being No Way and ten being Every Day, how likely are you to recommend our organization’s goods or services to a friend?”

Then capture their answers in three categories: 0-6, 7-8, and 9-10. If your employees are not likely to recommend (0-6) your organization to others, this attitude will come through to external customers and greatly diminishes their experience with your organization. On the other hand, those loyal employees (9-10) will not only go out of their way to help a customer, but if given the opportunity, will provide vital input as to how your organization can do even better in dealing with customers.

Loyal employees deserve a listening ear. Have you listened lately?

At eMBC, Inc., we are adept at helping business owners and managers ask good questions and create employee loyalty. Stay tuned for more ideas in our next post, Part II.

In the meantime, here is more on the power of engaged and loyal employees  Engaged Employees … How Do We Get Them and Keep Them? Part I


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