Execution of Taking Control of Your Life

Now, you know why you need to take control of your life and the areas in your life where you need to take control. The next question to ask is how would you go about achieving it.

Just imagine the possibilities for yourself if the focus is on what you do well instead of wasting enormous sums of time, money, energy and emotions on what you do not do well!

·         Do you have clarity around what your natural talents are or what you do well?

·         Do you know how you make decisions: personal, practical, or analytical?

The decisions we make are directly connected to our behaviors. There are three (3) distinct styles of decision making when viewing the world from an external perspective as well as an internal one. We all have different balances of the 3 styles; that’s what makes our decisions and actions different. It is this understanding of your individual strengths and weaknesses that will enable you to affect change in your life and achieve greater personal success. It is only by first understanding something that we are then able to change it.

Our unique personality assessment tool measures where an individual is now and what his or her essential elements are, and those can become predictors of future strengths. 

By understanding the way in which we think, it becomes possible to leverage that knowledge to make better decisions, maximize strengths, minimize weaknesses, and achieve greater successes in whatever we do.

The approach with our assessment tool is outcome-focused rather than simply measuring non-relevant activities. Each individual has the opportunity to decide what action, if any, he or she wants to take. In addition, the assessment tool is supported by a comprehensive action planning process that helps promote the actions taken.

When we do not know our talents, we are unable to succeed in our lives, to become our potential be it as individuals, teams or organizations. We continue to just spin our wheels and never reaching the finish line. We are so tired and continue to miss our targets.

There are 2 methods utilized in gathering data: the assessment itself (takes just 20 to 35 minutes) and a personal interview. Personality Assessment with up to 4 sessions of debriefing is offered at a standard investment of $750 USD. This is an Internet delivered tool and will require submitting your telephone number as well as an email address. You will be sent an email explaining how to take this assessment and an URL to complete the assessment.


If you have any questions, please call 630.455.1321.

After the debriefing of the personality profile report, you can take this incredibly rich information and begin applying it to your lives.

We also offer assessment workshops that can help bring your team together by sharing their talents and to set goals based upon leveraging those talents. Executive coaching (one on one interaction) can also be scheduled to infuse this rich and valid information into a predetermined plan of action.


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