First – Left Brain?

Dominant Brain? Left? or Right?

This Quiz is done in 2 parts.

You are now, in Part 1 of 2.

Select the traits that define your brain dominance. (This is not a wish list!) Be truthful to yourself.

Selecting NO, has no impact on your score. It’s totally ignored.

Take the left-brain test first. Mark YES on all the characteristics that are true of you.

Submit the Quiz.

Then take the Right-Brain Test. Mark YES on all the characteristics that are true of you.

Submit the Quiz.

You will receive 2 Scores; one for the Left Brain and the other for the Right Brain.

The highest score is your dominant brain.

The lesser score is your supportive brain.

Be careful not to categorize the right or the left brain characteristics as “good” or “bad.” They are just different. Take the test and discover your thinking style.

For example, if a described brain characteristic trait is true of you at least 50% of the time… mark YES. That is to say, if you are organized 50% of the time, then select YES.

And… if you are 50% disorganized, check YES as well. Both are true.


First, Take the Left Brain Test

First, Take the Left Brain Test

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1. I think in Words (I don't need illustrations to understand what I read… I understand abstract words)
2. I am a Good Speller
3. I am Good with numbers & higher math
4. I am a Perfectionist
5. I am Analytical (to analyze problems or situation… I think through situations before making a decision)
6. I am Articulate (verbal skills, speaks well)
7. I Follow Rules (likes guidelines & rules)
8. I Read Directions
9. I am Organized (I like everything in their proper place)
10. I Give Attention to Details
11. I Make Lists
12. I am Rigid (I am not pliable, I am non-negotiable)
13. I Tend to be Cynical/Sarcasm (abstract humor)
14. I Enjoy Reading
15. I Do Well on Tests
16. I like Sequential Processing (order, 1, 2, 3, step processing… also known as linear processing)
17. I love Black & White Absolutes (facts, rules & absolutes are important)
18. I am Focused (I can easily stay on tasks)
19. I Learn instruments easily (piano, flute or other similar instruments)
20. I am Loyal (faithful)
21. I am Careful or Cautious (I am not impulsive)
22. I Like Structure (I need guidelines, and rules. I can Run a tight ship)
23. I have Good Memory (facts, numbers, faces and names)
24. I Like to Teach or Correct
25. I Can be Clueless to Feelings
26. I Question a lot (I need to know why… I tend to debate)
27. I am a Record Keeper (check book, papers, and incidents)
28. I Sing on Tune (pitch)
29. I Learn Language Easily
30. I like Performance (It is important to perform well)
31. I am a Gatekeeper to new ideas (generally a no person.) I am like a Smoke Detectors (I see potential problems, red flags and let others know… I may throw water on new ideas)
32. I am Easily Annoyed (by imperfection or imperfect people… annoyed at lack of professionalism)
33. I Like Documentaries
34. I am an Auditory Learner (auditory on left side of the brain)
35. I am a Note Taker
36. I have Good Grammar Skills
37. I do Research
38. I need Security
39. I Can be Negative/Critical (of imperfection in myself, others or situations may lead to critical thinking)
40. I Prefer Writing Fact Over Fiction

Completed this Left Brain test? Have you received Left Brain test Score?

Then, here is your Right Brain Test


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