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Dominant Brain? Left? or Right?

This Quiz is done in 2 parts.

You are now, in Part 2 of 2.

Select the traits that define your brain dominance. (This is not a wish list!) Be truthful to yourself.

Selecting NO, has no impact on your score. It’s totally ignored.

Take the left-brain test first. Mark YES on all the characteristics that are true of you.

Submit the Quiz.

Then take the right-brain test. Mark YES on all the characteristics that are true of you.

Submit the Quiz.

You will receive 2 Scores; one for the Left Brain and the other for the Right Brain.

The highest score is your dominant brain.

The lesser score is your supportive brain.

Be careful not to categorize the right or the left brain characteristics as “good” or “bad.” They are just different. Take the test and discover your thinking style.

For example, if a described brain characteristic trait is true of you at least 50% of the time… mark YES. That is to say, if you are organized 50% of the time, then select YES.

And… if you are 50% disorganized, check YES as well. Both are true.


You must have already taken the Left Brain Test. If so, continue to the 2nd part to take the Right Brain test >>

Next, Take the Right Brain Test

Next, Take the Right Brain Test

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1. I think in Pictures (words must illustrate picture, thought… I see abstract in picture words or design… such as prose)
2. I am a Day Dreamer
3. I am Spatial (sizing up w/out measuring… example a room… or see the whole in parts, like parts to a bicycle or puzzle.)
4. I can Invert Numbers
5. I have Difficulty with Higher Math (abstract math)
6. I am Unlikely to Read Instructions (when all else fails read instructions)
7. I am Sensitive (feelings easily hurt, can be defensive… romantic at heart… I like cards, flowers and feeling special)
8. I Dislike Structure (anything too organized inhibits freedom to create)
9. I am a Visionary (I am a Goal Setter)
10. I have People Skills (social/charismatic)
11. I am Empathetic (feels deeply for others)
12. I Think While Speaking (w/out editing what I am saying)
13. I use Metaphors, (Flowing, Descriptive, Action Words)
14. I Think Outside the Box (improve, problem solve, recreate, or go outside given limits)
15. I have Difficult Time Staying on Task (I get easily distracted)
16. I am Creative (fantasy creation, must create, artistically)
17. I Get Bored Easily (I must be inspired, or boredom sets in.)
18. I Tend to be Positive (I look for the good, the silver lining in just about everything)
19. I am Passionate (Strong Emotions)
20. I have Trouble with Spelling or Grammar (It affects my ability to read and write)
21. I like Intuition (I follow gut feelings)
22. I love Creative Writing (I tend to write fiction over fact base books… better at essays)
23. I am Impulsive (I jump into projects, relationships, or take risks without considering consequences)
24. I am a Storyteller (I like to illustrate through stories)
25. I am Prone to Wander (I am a random thinker, and my mind wanders… I May stop in the middle of a thought and talk about something else)
26.I like Humor (visual illustrative humor)
27. I am Impatient (waiting is difficult)
28.I love Arts (Fine & Visual) (drama, painting, drawing, music, dance, photography, computer art, or anything else dealing with artistic expression)
29. I Need Approval (I am a people pleaser)
30. I Take Risks (I like challenges)
31. I am Pliable (I compromise easily - I am flexible)
32. I Learn from the School of Hard Knocks (I learn lessons the hard way. I Want to experience it by myself)
33. My Mind Jumps Around (Hyperactive, or hurried.)
34. I am Inventive (I need to problem solve or invent something to make life easier)
35. I am a Motivator (I have a Charismatic personality)
36. I am Intuitive (I make decisions on gut feelings)
37. I need to be Concrete, (I must see object, such as table, apple, or give clear picture of what is being said)
38. I Do Not Do Well on Tests (I scan reads… I miss preposition such as, is, not, and are. I can pick up partial meeting of the sentence.)
39. I Tend Towards Dyslexia (I can read letters words backwards, misplacing letters, numbers or not being able to sound out letters or words)
40. I am Disorganized (records, receipts, keys or other important items)

Completed both tests and have your test Scores?

Then, go and explore what the Scores mean in this section below >>

Left Brain? or Right Brain - Scores

Left Brain? or Right Brain - Scores

What is Your Score?

Are You a Left Brain Dominant? or a Right Brain?


Let’s say, if on the left side you chose 10 out of 40 traits and on the right side you chose 30 out of 40. You are 25% on the left side of the brain and 75% on the right, which makes you a strong right brain thinker with a weak supportive left. This person borders on being and extreme right brainer.

Scores between 16 – 28 on  your “dominant” side, are highly desirable. The extreme scores (above 32) are extraordinary, but come with problems.

Here are the Scores and what they mean:

16 to 28 on both sides = mixed middle-dominant (common)

29 or more on the right and 29 or more on the left = double dominant (rare)

Above 24 on the right and less than 16 on the left = right brain dominant/supportive left

Above 24 on the left and 16 or less on the right = left brain dominant/supportive right

36 or more on the right with 8 or less on the left = extreme right brain

36 or more on the left with 8 or less on the right = extreme left brain

4 – 12 highest marks on both = “Stuck”

Left Brain Score: Note down your Score.

Right Brain Score: Note down your Score.

The higher number is your dominant brain.

The lesser number is your supportive brain.

If the numbers are about equal, such as 27 on right, and 28 on left, you are mixed middle brain. You use both sides of your brain. It is best if one side of your brain is a little more dominant.

Stuck??? Those who have almost equal scores on the left and right can fall into the stuck mold. The stuck mold is where you can’t move forward. One side of the brain must be dominant or there will be an internal debate to which side of the brain takes lead. For example, one foot must go before the other foot. So, one brain, usually the more dominant, will lead over the less dominant brain. Another example, the organized side of the brain can’t be disorganized at the same time. Or, you can’t edit and free write the same time.

You may also be stuck if you are swimming upstream, trying to be left-brain when you are dominant right-brained. The stuck person feels as if you are treading water. You can’t move forward. These people tend to be unhappy at the jobs. They may have itchy feet, looking for something else to satisfy them.

There are varied reasons to why a person is stuck. Children, who are mislabeled as learning disabled, when in school, may have a underdeveloped mind due to lack of training in their natural abilities. 

The double dominant maybe stuck due to mental overload. Their over active brains maybe compared to an overloaded computer. They crash, or become stuck.

The person with low scores on both sides may also be a sign of being stuck. Low scores can also be the result of brain injury.

You Should be Able to Draw as Easily as You Write Your Name!

Have you ever wondered why most adults drawings look like pre-school drawings. The reality is, most adults drawings haven’t improved since entering Kindergarten. Why do adults drawing ability suddenly stopped around age six? The problem is that most schools encourage the development of the left-side of the brain. Math, reading, spelling, memorizing, critical thinking and grammar are left-brain abilities. Music lessons are mostly left-brain learning. Crafts can be a left-brain activity, because crafts are done in a one, two and three consecutive order.

The brain is a muscle. Both sides of the brain need to be developed. If the right-brain is developed, we should be able to draw as easily as we write our name. It can happen! Sadly, I have seen that too often children by the time that they are twelve lose the ability to be creative. Parents have been led to believe that if they push left-brain academia that their children will have a good education. Arts and creative thinking are important in developing the right-side of the brain. Using both sides of the brain is better. Whole brain thinking enable us to see a problem from the left and right side of the brain. The great geniuses had a good grasp on the right and on the left side of the brain. They used their whole brain, seeing it visually (the right), and symbolically (through math symbols, the left).

The left-brain must be quieted if we are to encourage creativity to come to the fore. The left-brain is the rational cortex, developing logic, rationalizing, deducing, and judging. The right-brain tends to see the whole picture. It draws on intuitive response, providing inspiration and creativity that seem very close to the nature of chochma (sudden insight, wisdom or knowledge).” (Elmer Green of the Menninger Clinic at Topeka, Kansas)

The right-brain person can learn. They learn in using their right-brain strengths to shift to the left-brain. They will learn grammar and other left-brain skills through inspiration,  and intuition.

A left-brain person can also develop wonderful art. Their work will be more detailed, representational, but no less, brilliant work.

We all can improve in using both hemispheres of our brain. Whole brain thinking will enable us to embrace the best of both worlds. Those who are left can develop a stronger right. The right can develop their left. Those who are double will see the necessity to develop one side more than the other. They will learn how to move from a stuck mold or overloading their already highly functioning brain.

Most people can develop the right brain and learn to draw as easily as they write their name.



This test has been made from extensive research. This test is not a diagnosis tool. We give no guarantee the test will make a complete or accurate assessment of an individual. No warranty is made to the test accuracy, fairness, or omissions. Information provided is general and may not reflect your specific situation.

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