Test Your Skills

Test Your Skills!

What makes someone a successful business owner?

It certainly helps to have strong technology skills or expertise in a key area,
but these are not defining characteristics of entrepreneurship.
Instead, the key qualities are traits such as creativity, the
ability to keep going in the face of hardship, and the social skills needed to
build great teams.

If you want to start a business, it's essential to learn the specific skills that
underpin these qualities. It's also important to develop entrepreneurial skills
if you are in a job role where you are expected to develop a business, or
"take things forward" more generally.

You can learn the essential skills you need to be an
exceptional leader or manager, a valued team member, and an outstanding
contributor in the workplace.

Test Your Skills and Find the Resources That Will Help You Most

For each statement, click the button that best describes you. Please answer questions
as you actually are (rather than how you think you should
be), and don't worry if some questions seem to score 'in the wrong direction'.
When you are finished, please check the scores at the bottom of the test.
You will also receive a report after submitting your responses.

BTW, in appreciation of taking this quiz, we
will also send you a white paper on becoming a successful business owner.
In this paper, we'll look at the skills you need to be a successful entrepreneur,
and we'll explore resources that you can use to develop the traits needed for
success. Enjoy!

Name Business Email Phone Number
Team development is an area I admit to cutting back on when time and resources are limited.
When I want to motivate people, I try to use the same approach with each person.
I am aware of the differences between leadership and management.
When I have to make a decision, I pick the first good solution I find.
When I encounter a problem, I immediately begin looking for potential solutions.
When I encounter a setback, I have difficulty focusing on the situation positively and objectively.
I am able to communicate my needs, and I make sure that my message is heard and understood.
When there's conflict, I use my communication skills to find solutions and work things through.
When discussing an issue with someone, I try to stay one step ahead in the conversation, and I actively think about what I'm going to say next.
I routinely set realistic goals for myself, and I track my progress until I have reached them.
When it comes to managing my workload, I know my priorities.
I lose time during the day because I am not sure what I need to get done.
I am motivated to complete all of my work in a timely manner.
I approach life with confidence, and I have high self esteem.
The work I do on a daily basis reflects my values, and is consistent with the goals I have set for myself.

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