Time Strategies

Time Strategies!

In this assessment, Time Strategies, you will find 21 top issues related to how one typically manages their time.

Please select one answer that best applies how you currently feel in your work environment. Let me know if you have any questions in scoring the survey questions.

I'll tally the scores from all your responses and present you the results in the webinar. In addition, we will actually discuss the top issues during the presentation and find solutions to each.

A few days before the event, you will receive access instructions to the webinar event.

I'll look forward to interacting with each of you during the webinar presentation.


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I have both long term and short term goals with a plan for making them happen by a specific date.
I have a tracking system which shows me the progress I am making towards reaching my goals.
I am personally well organized.
I have a good system for handling all of my paperwork.
I am effective at delegation.
I am frequently interrupted by the telephone or other electronic messages.
I am often involved in crisis management.
I have good self-discipline.
I often attempt to accomplish too much.
Procrastination is a problem for me.
I often leave tasks unfinished.
Unnecessary excessive socializing often bothers me.
I have an inability to say no.
Drop-in visitors that take up time often bother me.
Unnecessary and ineffective meetings are a problem for me.
I have a problem with inadequate facilities and equipment.
Travel is a problem for me.
I have excellent filing systems.
I have complete information on projects on which I am working
I have adequate support staff to complete projects.
Confused staff responsibility and authority is an issue.

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