Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

A highly effective means of increasing job performance, achieving goals, and enhancing growth, it is used both in business and personal life. Vision and positive goals drive the coaching relationship. Collaborative accountability and measurable results energize those who work with a coach.

Focus Points

Our clients have used coaching to help in these areas:

  • Designing a plan to rapidly increase personal effectiveness
  • Retooling personal time management to spend adequate time with family and be a high-level performer
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Improving communication skills
  • Identifying key result areas
  • Developing teamwork
  • Developing a practice management plan
  • Building a peak performance pyramid
  • Identifying and utilizing the benefits of travel time
  • Building values-based management
  • Overcoming Anger Management issues


Coaching is provided both face to face and by phone. Normally, sessions are 60-90 minutes weekly or twice per month. Actually, each situation is unique. It begins as the goals and targets are assessed. The sessions are not just chats but are very focused and results-oriented discussions in a warm, positive style.

First Step

If you are interested in finding out more about how coaching might benefit you and to discuss in more detail the process, prices, and availability, please contact Surya M. Ganduri, Ph. D., PMP. at 630.445.1321.

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