Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Our Multi-Level Leadership Coaching programs provide an array of development tools and services that are customized to the organization or individual. Each is designed to improve job performance, increase individual productivity and foster personal growth.

Our Leadership Development and business training services include:

Company-wide Leadership Development

This is a broad leadership development program designed for companies looking to the future and seeking to rapidly enhance the performance of key leaders. Special assessment tools are used.

Facilitator/Leadership Services for Corporate Strategic Planning Events

Facilitators provide assistance with the design, development and delivery of high-impact leadership events.

Executive Conflict Resolution

Highly focused coaching designed to build effective communication and allow appropriate ideological disagreement among strong leaders.

Team Building

This service provides education and experience in helping the team function effectively with peak performance. Not games – rather, a researched based application of effective group dynamics.

Anger Management Orientations and Prevention Training

A curriculum-based training to help leaders and employees manage their emotions effectively reducing HR problems and increasing productivity.

Professional Communication Training

A training experience designed to enhance professional communications in the workplace helping leaders understand the power of words, body language, tone etc. to create understanding.

Customized Trainings

APC offers a wide variety of corporate leadership development trainings, each tailored to the needs of the organization.


Our Leadership Development clients are department managers, key salespeople, IT leaders and other critical company personnel.


Individual coaching is provided both face to face and by phone. It begins as the goals and targets are assessed. The sessions are not just chats but are very focused and results-oriented discussions in a warm, positive style.

Group consultations are always face to face, in your offices or ours.

First Step

If you are interested in finding out more about how coaching might benefit you and to discuss in more detail the process, prices, and availability, please contact Surya M. Ganduri, Ph. D., PMP. at 630.445.1321.


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