Special Assessments

Specialized Assessment and Consulting

We have access to hundreds of state-of-the-art Assessment Instruments that can be used to enhance the design of our Coaching or Training strategies for you.

Some of these are:

Quantum Leap Leadership Assessment (QLLA):

Used in executive coaching, this process includes an Advanced Insights assessment plus a tool, D.I.AL.O.G. that resembles 360® Multi-Rater Feedback for identifying leadership strengths and developmental opportunities.

Time Management Evaluation:

This focused self-assessment instrument pinpoints areas of need and offers specific recommendations for development. This tool is often used with an on-site presentation for executives and managers seeking to utilize time more effectively.

DISC Personality Profile:

The profile offers recommendations on utilizing individual strengths, environments, and behaviors to improve communications, teamwork and productivity. A multi-page report.

Emotional Intelligence Assessment:

A tool designed to target areas in emotional intelligence which can be improved for more effective total leadership.

Selection Assessment Package:

A selection assessment package including testing, interviewing, and data collection from the company to help define the candidate’s likely effectiveness in the roles being considered.

PeopleBest Behavioral Assessment Package:

A selection package that brings together a mix of proven behavioral science, best-in-class people and technology expertise to deliver a new breed of corporate technology – a truly predictive people solution.


Coaching is provided both face to face and by phone. Normally, sessions are 60-90 minutes weekly or twice per month. Actually, each situation is unique. It begins as the goals and targets are assessed. The sessions are not just chats but are very focused and results-oriented discussions in a warm, positive style.

First Step

If you are interested in finding out more about how coaching might benefit you and to discuss in more detail the process, prices, and availability, please contact Surya M. Ganduri, Ph. D., PMP. at 630.445.1321.

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