Are You Aware of Your Strengths?

Take this Strengths test (200 questions/statements below) and receive a FREE report (that includes both the Gallup list of 34 Strengths and their complete description of each). Unlike the Gallup version of top 5 Strengths (for $89), you will receive this test totally free and the report that you get will have the scores for all 34 Strengths. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Ready to Discover Your Strengths?

Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. A man can’t ride you unless your back is bent.” - Martin
Luther King, Jr.

Do you have the opportunity to do what you do best every day?

Chances are, you don't. All too often, our natural talents go untapped.

From the cradle to the cubicle, we devote more time to fixing our shortcomings than to developing our strengths.

This Test will help you find your preferred way of behaving, feeling, and thinking.

You’ll find your strengths and weaknesses as a first step towards a better you.

These questions and results were crafted by data in the Gallup Strengths Test themed books.

This test does not guarantee the results will match the
Gallup test, but it could be pretty close. Either way, the results are useful.
Also, you get your FULL results on all 34 Strengths.

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1. Acquiring and compiling info keeps your mind fresh and active
2. At any given time, there are tons of thoughts floating in your head
3. Excellence is your goal – not being average
4. Finished goals help you feel better but then want to do more quickly returns
5. No one can tell you what to think, you decide
6. No one needs to tell you what to think – you decide for yourself
7. One success helps but the itch to do more returns soon
8. Others say your enthusiasm is contagious
9. People look to you to describe vision of what is to come
10. People see you as genuinely helpful and interested
11. Strengths fascinate you and you want to enhance them
12. The possibilities of the future excite and energize you
13. There are no strangers, just friends you haven’t met, yet
14. Unforeseen detours are expected and welcomed
15. You actively avoid groups that exclude others
16. You actively overcome resistance and confusion
17. You always look for the positive side of things
18. You always root for the underdog
19. You always see the potential in others
20. You anticipate the needs of others
21. You are a bridge builder for different cultures
22. You are a keen observer of other people’s needs
23. You are a master at small talk
24. You are a private person
25. You are always looking for an edge above others
26. You are at your best in dynamic or unknown situations
27. You are attracted to the “go-getters” in life and social situations
28. You are comfortable and enjoy working with others
29. You are comfortable with intimacy
30. You are compelled to learn
31. You are confident in the judgments you make
32. You are detail oriented and expect the same from others
33. You are drawn to the process of learning
34. You are energized by challenging other people
35. You are energized by complex and unfamiliar problems
36. You are energized by living in the moment
37. You are energized by mental activity
38. You are energized by the growth process going from novice to expert
39. You are family oriented, altruistic, and/or spiritual
40. You are fascinated by ideas
41. You are good at taking charge of people or situations
42. You are highly inquisitive
44. You are impatient with use of generalizations or ‘types’
45. You are interested in people histories
46. You are intrigued by the unique qualities of each person
47. You are logical and rigorous
48. You are normally very careful and vigilant
49. You are not frightened with confrontation
50. You are not usually afraid of challenging opinions
51. You are okay imposing your views on others
52. You are perpetually in pursuit of challenge
53. You are quick to smile at any time and you don’t need a reason
54. You are sure things happen for a reason
55. You are very generous with praise
56. You are very willing to volunteer to help other people out
57. You are willing to accept the risk of being close to others
58. You ask “what if?”, select a path, and then do it right away
59. You ask “When can we start?” when new projects or tasks come up
60. You believe a relationship only has value if it is genuine
43. You are impatient with errors or ambiguity
61. You believe favoritism is unfair and must be avoided
62. You believe most people have a short attention span
63. You believe success is more than just money and fame
64. You believe talking about plans is not as useful as acting on a decision
65. You believe that no individual is as of yet fully formed
66. You believe that performance is the ultimate yardstick
67. You believe that talk is cheap – actions speak
68. You believe the earlier times were better and more simple
69. You believe the present is unstable
70. You believe there are no failures, just chances to learn
71. You believe we are all equally important
72. You believe we shouldn’t harm others lest we harm ourselves
73. You can draw out the best in others
74. You can easily evaluate situations and decisions
75. You can see past a problem and mentally move on to what’s next
76. You can sense the emotion of those around you
77. You can sort through the confusion of life and find the best path
78. You can work long hours without burning out
79. You celebrate every completed goal or achievement
80. You challenge people to be clear and honest
81. You collect data or things because they interest you
82. You consider yourself a confident person
83. You constantly search for patterns and connections in all that you do
84. You discard the paths of life that lead nowhere
85. You dislike the sight of someone on the outside looking in
86. You do things just to experience it for yourself
87. You do what it takes to overcome resistance and confusion
88. You don’t normally turn away sudden or unscheduled requests
89. You don’t praise too much for fear of being misunderstood
90. You don’t really like surprises
91. You dream of what could be instead of what was
92. You encourage people to be clear and honest in everything they do
93. You enjoy analyzing the symptoms of a problem
94. You enjoy and look for opportunities to trying out new things
95. You enjoy breaking the ice and making a connection with people
96. You enjoy bringing things, subjects, and topics back to life
97. You enjoy finding solutions to the world’s problems
98. You enjoy identifying what is wrong with stuff
99. You enjoy managing life’s variables and unknown situations
100. You enjoy persuading others to see or agree with your ideas
101. You enjoy praising others for their accomplishments
102. You enjoy restoring something back to its original glory
103. You enjoy small talk and making connections with people
104. You enjoy standing out from the crowd
105. You enjoy the challenge of meeting new people
106. You enjoy time alone for musing and reflection
107. You enjoy winning others over to your side
108. You feel a constant need to keep your mind busy
109. You feel a relationship is only truly valuable if it is genuine
110. You feel any studying is useful as long as you get to learn
111. You feel being a focused expert is better than being a generalist
112. You feel everyone should have a chance to show their worth
113. You feel it is very important to be efficient
114. You feel like work without clear direction is very frustrating
115. You feel more pulled to people you know already
116. You feel no one person should be ignored
117. You feel okay balancing potential loss versus potential gain
118. You feel okay sharing and defending your views with others
119. You feel only action matters at the end of the day
120. You feel taking action is the more meaningful than anything else
121. You feel that excuses and rationalizations are totally unacceptable
122. You feel the future is decided one choice at a time
123. You feel the need to back up your own claims
124. You feel the need to bring ideas and events to life
125. You feel the need to compare
126. You feel the need to share your opinions
127. You feel today’s answers are rooted in the past
128. You feel you are judged by what you get done
129. You feel your good name depends on following through with your promises
130. You feel your work must be meaningful
131. You find a strength and feel the need to super-charge it
132. You find a wide variety of things very interesting
133. You find ideas thrilling and invigorating
134. You find thoughts and ideas exciting and motivating
135. You firmly believe that life is not a popularity contest
136. You get a jolt of energy when a new idea comes to you
137. You give off an aura of certainty
138. You greatly enjoy the process of learning things
139. You greatly enjoy thinking
140. You have a burning desire to be heard
141. You have a reputation for being very reliable
142. You have an inner fire to do
143. You have enduring core values that influence all of your decisions
144. You have great faith and confidence in your personal strengths
145. You have the internal drive to get stuff done no matter what
146. You hear the unvoiced concerns and questions
147. You help people give voice to their emotional being
148. You ignore or delegate actions that don’t bring you closer to your goals
149. You intuitively see the perspectives of others
150. You keep a look out for the signs of growth in people
151. You keep everyone on task and on point
152. You learn to grow because you are interested, not just to be the best
153. You like to communicate by explaining, describing, speaking, or writing
154. You like to constantly ask “what if?”
155. You like to explain, describe, speak, and / or write
156. You like to figure out the best way to get things done
157. You like to find the perfect phrase or words for every situation
158. You like to hunt for the perfect phrase
159. You like to jump into an unknown situation and figure it out
160. You like to take charge
161. You like to talk about things everyone can agree on
162. You like to use stories to make a point or teach others
163. You look for areas of agreement
164. You love finding a simple ‘hidden’ truth behind a complex subject
165. You love seeing the world from different perspectives
166. You modify your objectives to meet others’ plans
167. You need a clear destination and goals
168. You need others to give you a clear destination and goals
169. You play to win
170. You prefer time with people you know instead of new people
171. You prefer your work to be meaningful and fulfilling
172. You rack up points for your daily score
173. You read a lot in order to add more info to your mental archives
174. You see yourself as a guardian against an unfair advantage
175. You set up routines, goals, timelines, and deadlines
176. You show feelings of certainty and confidence in your actions
177. You tailor your teaching style to match the learner
178. You take mental ownership of anything you commit to
179. You take ownership and responsibility for the decisions you make
180. You tend to adjust things to their most useful states
181. You tend to ask people to prove their points of view
182. You tend to be rooted in comparison
183. You tend to look to the past to understand the present
184. You think people waste time trying to impose their views on others
185. You think we are all part of something larger
186. You tread your path with great care
187. You find the common ground
188. You look for causes instead of symptoms
189. You understand that everything has some level of uncertainty
190. You use detailed future pictures of goals to motivate you
191. You want to be in control of any situation
192. You value responsibility and ethics in every action or task
193. You want rules to be clear and applied to everyone equally
194. You want the leeway to do things your own way
195. You want to be seen as credible and successful
196. You want to be very important in the eyes of others
197. You want to help people experience success
198. You want to include people and make them feel part of the group
199. You want to understand others’ feelings and desire reciprocation
200. Your faith sustains you

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