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This assessment is designed to assess yourself and your organization and give a snapshot of key factors impacting organizational performance and quality of your work life.

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The majority of our workforce has a clear sense of direction and priority.
Our people know that when someone on the team says they are going to do something, they can count on it being done.
I believe that "them and us" dynamics, within our organization and with our customers, cost us less than 2% of our gross revenue.
Teams cultivate and harvest a "what we can learn" attitude when things do not go as expected.
I am reasonably sure that no one on my immediate team harbors resentment or serious unspoken disagreement with me.
If our organization were suddenly forced into a painful change of unknown dimension, I am confident that significant proportions of our workforce would communicate their concerns and seek ways to help.
I am aware that this type of assessment represents a 100% positive opportunity for me, for our senior management, for our work force and for our customers.
Cross functional communication is efficient and results in few delays.
I can honestly say that 80% or more of our team communications close immediately in some form.
Team or work group objectives are clearly aligned to the objectives of the whole organization.
Most projects/orders get done to the customer's satisfaction and on time.
We do a good job of addressing marginal performance.
I am confident that my organization is not encouraging risk averse behavior.
If I were troubled by an impending change, real or rumored, I could safely confide my concerns and seek solutions with my immediate manager or Board.
We do a good job of recognizing both individual and team contributions.
I consider myself an excellent listener.
Leadership does a good job of "walking the talk" on key organizational values.
Conflict is handled openly and resolved in a timely manner.
Managers/teams create projects that contain clear goals, plans with specific accountabilities and intermediate milestones for progress.
Teams within the company consistently create an atmosphere of mutual trust.
Our senior management fully shares the risks of painful change with the entire organization.

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