Radio Shows

Radio Shows

Hosted by Dr. Surya M Ganduri, Ph. D., PMP.
On Quantum Leap Radio at 8:00 PM CST/CDT on Saturday

20141227 Ethical Leadership – Quantum Physics of Beliefs

Because leaders are role models whether they choose to be or not, they set the tone for the ethical stance of their individual followers, of the organization or group they lead, and, to some extent, of the larger community. Read More »

20141108 Decision Fatigue – Quantum Physics of Beliefs

Our ability to make good choices degrades after long periods of thoughtful decision making. Our decision making resources usually get depleted. Our willpower will diminish as we continue to make decisions, even small ones. Read More »

20141025 Inner Powers to Focus, and Awareness – Quantum Physics of Beliefs

Our energy goes where we focus our attention and awareness. Hence it is essential to have a very clear intention held as a single point focus. However, it needs to be understood that we can focus our attention and awareness consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously. Read More »

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