Radio Shows

Radio Shows

Hosted by Dr. Surya M Ganduri, Ph. D., PMP.
On Quantum Leap Radio at 8:00 PM CST/CDT on Saturday

20141004 Mind Power – Quantum Physics of Beliefs

The totality of our consciousness is comprised of three levels: the conscious, the subconscious, and the Superconscious. These levels of consciousness represent differing degrees of intensity of awareness… Read More »

20140913 Being Judgmental Part 3 – Quantum Physics of Beliefs

Judgmental is not stating an opinion or even labeling something as "good" or "bad". Being judgmental is when based on one quality of someone or something you conclude about his whole nature, about all his other qualities. You judge his wholeness based on one aspect. Read More »

20140906 Being Judgmental Part 2 – Quantum Physics of Beliefs

We don’t even bother to get to know the people… yet we can’t keep a handle on that muscle inside our mouth – to judging the people. That tongue is like a whip lash on the heart if left untamed. And this very tongue has the power to inspire and empower with love if we live heart centered lives. Read More »

20140830 Being Judgmental Part 1 – Quantum Physics of Beliefs

Judging is a precarious business. Traditional psychology and most religious and ethical systems advise us not to judge our fellow human beings. Judging other people makes it difficult to understand and help them. Read More »

20140823 Science of Decision Making – Quantum Physics of Beliefs

There are three distinct styles of decision-making. Each of us can make decisions in all three ways, but we tend to develop a preference for one more than the other two. This preference becomes a subconscious force, affecting the decisions we make on a daily basis Read More »

20140816 Intercultural Leadership – Quantum Physics of Beliefs

Leading across cultures is a critical element of leading in the Human Age and unleashing the power of what is humanly possible. It often requires making decisions in complex or ambitious environments, understanding cultural nuances and adapting one style accordingly. Read More »

20140809 Unique Value Proposition – Quantum Physics of Beliefs

Your business has a value proposition. There is something that you do that your client’s perceive as valuable enough to choose you over all of your competitors. There’s a reason your client’s buy what you sell and there is a reason they buy from you. Read More »

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