Setting Clear Objectives

Setting Clear Objectives

To achieve a goal, there is a process that you should implement. This process is to streamline and analyze your objectives. Begin at the very beginning at the smallest, specific part. These are the most important steps to take to meet the guidelines. An objective is a way of knowing what action or plan is to be taken and identifying the expected results. This plan provides a set of directions so that making the decision will not be as complicated as when the goal is just being considered.

Your goals will provide direction and motivation, and serve as tools for measuring your results. Goals, whether personal or professional, need to be Written, Harmonious, Yours, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistically high, and Time bound. For maximum effectiveness and accomplishment, make sure your goals meet the criteria of WHYSMART. These goal-setting guidelines will help you stay on target as you continually work on the accomplishment of your goals.

Bulls Eye

1. Goals should be WRITTEN down. Put your goals in writing to help ensure that they are clear and specific.

Do you want to dramatically increase the likelihood of meeting your goals? One of the simplest yet most powerful actions you can take is to write down your goals. It’s so easy to get caught up in the ‘busy-ness’ of everyday life that it then becomes all too easy to forget about your goals. I think the saying is, “When you are up to your rear-end in the water with the alligators, it’s easy to forget that your original intention was to drain the swamp.”

Put your goals down on paper. Keep them where you will see them every day. Doing this will prevent you from saying around this time next year, “Oh yeah, I remember those…”

2. Goals should be HARMONIOUS. Harmonize your goals with your personal vision and purpose in addition to your other goals, so that all elements of your plan are complementary and mutually reinforcing. Unaligned goals pull you in different directions, hampering productivity and creating tensions.

3. Goals should be YOURS. You will be most motivated to achieve goals that reflect your important personal desires and values. Resist the urge to conform to the expectations of others. If your goals are not your own, you can’t own them. If your goals are not your own, you won’t be motivated by them. So, be aware of what motivates you and tailor your goals to fit your personality.

4. Goals should be SPECIFIC. It is better to accomplish one goal at a time rather than thinking of several different plans at one time. A single objective cannot be derived if there are two or more results expected. What’s important is that there is a need to clarify what is to be achieved and should have your full attention. This must be taken as seriously as possible.

5. Goals should be MEASURABLE. A lot of things that are not tangible are hard to measure, and there are things that are really measurable for the mere fact that it includes numbers or ratings. Take the service crews for example, it is hard to measure how the service was delivered, but if the number of complaints is counted then there is a specific number that can be used to rate the effectiveness of the service.

In offices, the number of tasks or assignments that were accomplished is used as basis for the measurement. Cooperation, though a very vague word, can also be measured by means of getting a subordinate and peer survey. How fast or delayed assistance was provided to a certain individual is enough to provide information on how situations can be measured. Try not to use general terms when making an objective statement. It should be something clear and specific like: to write, to recite, to perform, to fix, to process, to designate, to purchase, to choose, to reprogram, etc.

6. Goals should be ATTAINABLE. The resources available give information on how an objective can be attained. This must be something that is derived from fact and very realistic. It could be that a certain objective is indeed realistic, but the time frame to reap the result may not be. It is better to say objectives that can be factual for this promotes motivation rather than an objective taken from belief as this may cause unexpected failure and feeling of discouragement.

7. Goals should be RESULT-ORIENTED. An objective should be stated clearly so that the expectation is clear. Focus on the end result, as this will be the guide whether or not the objective to reach the goal is effective and meaningful. Is this objective going to help an individual grow or succeed? Will it be beneficial to all concerned? Once the success has been attained, and all the plans were completed, then it is a success.

8. Goals should be TIME BOUND. There should be a limit to all the things that need to be accomplished. This matters since the root of any plan can be traceable. This will also tell if the objective is effective enough not to cause any delay. There will also be more of a sense of fulfillment once a goal is attained with the objectives set earlier than a deadline.

To sum it all up, develop an objective that is easily measured, can be attained, with a limited time. This will help in determining if the objective is realistic enough, meaningful, and proven to be worthwhile to everyone involved. A chart or journal can be kept to keep track of any opportunities and strengths that were met along the way. This will also indicate the time that was consumed and the length of the objective developed. A successful objective helps motivate the individual or the group involved toward greater achievements.


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