Skeptical Business Relationships

Skeptical Business Relationships

Skeptical About Business Relationships?

Even after reading all those earlier articles, some of you may still remain skeptical about building relationships. Perhaps you agree with one of the following arguments against relationship building. If so, consider some of the tips that follow each argument below to help you get past these issues.

1. Business Relationships Make it Hard to Leave Work at Work.

You spend enough time working at your marriage, your friendships, and your family relationships. You are managing relationships with your colleagues, and just trying to get along with your boss. Maintaining those basics drains enough of your time and energy. Who has time to build more relationships anyway?

Shake it off: It’s true: Sometimes you just want to shut down at 5 pm or 6 pm and forget about the hassle of work. A few of those associates, however, might be the key to your next successful step. You don’t have be friends with everyone, but try to identify two or three peers worth getting to know a little better.

2. Building a Network of Business Contacts is Never Genuine.

You have heard the networking speech before, and you have heard the “it’s who you know” speech one time too many. Building a relationship just to take advantage of it when you need to isn’t what business or friendship is about. Enough two-faced brown-nosers are out there already. Why join the ranks?

Shake it off: You are right. Those people are just playing a game, and they are playing it poorly. That doesn’t mean that you’ll become one of them just for trying to build up a supportive network. Any good relationship is mutually beneficial. It’s not about taking advantage when the time is right. Rather, it’s about shared interest in goals, and helping others in your network be successful while they help you. Never fake it. Only invest in relationships that you care enough about.

3. Doing it Right Takes Too Much Time.

You have gotten past the first two obstacles, but accepting the importance of relationships and building them the right way just landed you at one tough conclusion: This is going to be a lot of work.

Shake it off: If you want to do it right, it will take a lot of time, but the good news is that it can also be a lot of fun. Maintain your contact list, and stay in touch with these people while viewing them as more than just “contacts.” If you are genuine about relationship building, then the whole process will come naturally. And at any stage of your career, welcoming some new friends and colleagues into your life can be a great emotional boost if you are lucky.

Final Word

Relationships are essential to the success of any business. Work closely with people and develop a rapport with them. When you have allies on your side, you will get much further than if you tried to go about things alone. Just make sure that you return the courtesy and help your friends and colleagues by providing them with what they need as well.


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