So, How is Listening the Doorway to Gaining Subordinate Commitment?


First off, problems and difficulties occur in any work group with a predetermined regularity dictated by the extent to which employees are motivated/committed and the difficulty of the work. The lower the extent and the higher the difficulty, the greater the number of problems and the longer each remains before resolution. Highly motivated and committed workers continually strive for excellence. The more committed they are, the more they act to find solutions to problems. The less committed the less energy and thought they devote to correction and the more time they spend causing problems.

Secondly, I have heard many, many employees in the midst of a bad workplace say all they want is for someone to listen to them once in awhile. They state how great that would be even if little is ever done. That’s real hunger! The obvious question is why should they turn on their brainpower in the morning if no one will listen? Why try to be creative to make improvements for the sake of productivity or quality, or make suggestions to reduce cost if NO ONE LISTENS? The answer is, it would be dumb to try if NO ONE WILL LISTEN. “To hell with them! Why make an effort if they don’t care what I think?” Leave your brain at the door!

The sad thing is many bosses, high and low, are so busy giving orders and direction that subordinates do in fact decide to leave their brainpower at the door. This is very common. People with suggestions are viewed as troublemakers or whiners. “Shut up and get back to work.” In this mode, no one can participate or be involved. They can only be a number or a pawn, and they know that no one Cares.

     WHAT IF people could put in their Two Cents any time they chose and management would always listen and get back to them with possible actions and/or answers?

      WHAT IF they were allowed to add their Two Cents again on this response and the process would continue until management had decided on a course which seemed reasonable to everyone?

      WHAT IF management only changed things after conducting this dialogue?

      WHAT IF in response to questions, our bosses were FORTHRIGHT and provided the real answers and their Whys?

      WHAT IF management took this one step further and went out of its way to provide information relevant to job, company and anything which might affect or be of interest to each employee?

      WHAT IF the working level could get in on the ground level with work plans and policies before they turned to cement, get in on what works and how it was to be done before starting? 

Would you like to be the boss of such a workplace?

Think what you could accomplish if suddenly your own brainpower was multiplied by the number of employees you have.

Please stay tuned in to tomorrow’s article on ‘Understanding the Process of Gaining Commitment.’

Dr Surya M Ganduri, PhD. PMP. is the Founder & President of eMBC, Inc., an international firm specializing in strategic and executive leadership development processes that Help People Succeed in an Evolving World. Dr Surya has over 28 years of business experience in management consulting, leadership development, executive coaching, process improvements, organizational development and youth leadership. For more information visit or contact eMBC, Inc., directly at (630) 445-1321.

About Dr. Surya

Using Quantum Physics and business research, Dr. Surya explores the correlation between the science of consciousness and patterns in the business world, to suggest innovative ways of using this wisdom to lead and succeed in a business environment that is constantly evolving at a rapid pace. Self-awareness is the awareness of the self as separate from the thoughts that are occurring at any point in time. Without self-awareness the self perceives and believes the thoughts that are occurring to be who the self is. Self-awareness gives one the option or choice to choose thoughts being thought rather than simply thinking the thoughts that are stimulated from the accumulative events leading up to the circumstances of the moment. Along with his work as an Author, Writer, Blogger and popular Internet Radio Talk Show Host, Dr. Surya is in-demand as a public speaker. Clients include small to large corporations and individuals.
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