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Self-Defeating Behaviors

I believe that the key to effective performance in the workplace— and to lasting satisfaction with one's work—lies in fully awakening, using, and developing one's human capacities. Read More »

Our Worst Enemy

What holds people back from performing better in the workplace? Read More »

Leadership Decisions

From the perspective of an individual's making routine decisions, leadership is not a series of discrete decisions, but calls for working through other people over long stretches of time. It is not transactional but transformational. Read More »

To Be In Control or Not To Be…

summarizes the need to distinguish between what we can control and what we cannot – trying to change what we cannot leads to frustration and stress, but failing to change what is within our power can breed fatalism and helplessness. To know the difference is a sign of wisdom. Read More »

Getting Motivated By Centering Your Focus Thru Mindfulness

Since life is NOT a spectator sport and there are things that need to be done, it is important that we learn how to get motivated when otherwise lacking the drive or initiative to take action. Often times we can find our best motivation by simply focusing more intently on what we want or need to accomplish. Read More »

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