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Understanding Implicit Bias

Implicit bias is an umbrella term for a variety of attitudes, beliefs, knowledge and stereotypes that we all carry to some degree. Read More »

Building Brand Loyalty through Emotional Connections

Whether brands are interacting with a potential customer for the first time or catering to a longtime buyer, it’s critical to foster positive emotional connections from the outset. Read More »

Seeing Good in Everyone – Quantum Physics of Beliefs

I have come to accept that I am remarkably flawed human being. I have many faults that I am on the precipice of being perfectly imperfect. Do I want to be judged? Goodness knows I judge myself plenty. I don’t need someone else doing it too. Read More »

Easy Ice Breakers for Networking Events – Quantum Physics of Beliefs

Approaching someone new can be stressful – especially for introverts, like me - but it doesn’t have to be. Since I have overcome my blues, you too can. So, what are some natural and easy ways to break the ice? Here are some tips and tricks: Read More »

Are You In Tune with the Emotions of the People

Excellent customer service providers are in tune with the emotions of the people they deal with through awareness and empathy. They are proficient at handling conflicts, and they have the ability to maintain positive attitudes while engaged in their work. However, a continual barrage of negative customer interactions can be a reality within the role of service providers, and they ... Read More »

Matching Your Mood to the Task at Hand

There are, of course, no easy solutions to managing emotions on an hourly basis in the often difficult circumstances in which Leaders must operate and make decisions. But can you afford, as a leader, to even entertain this thought? All of the research on employee performance points to the contrary. There is a concept in French which is called “Noblesse ... Read More »

Finding Strengths in Weaknesses

 ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson Recently, I had an intense few days involving an extremely spiritual and emotionally significant event that has recently ended, or at least ended in one form. These feelings are all normal and to be expected, of course. But I noticed that when I let full vent to my emotions, without trying to be strong or stoic, ... Read More »

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