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Investing Time

In order to get more out of your time, know what you want to get out of it. That may seem very basic, but many people fail to define their values, purpose, and goals. Read More »

20140222 Finding Your Passion

The best way to truly find passion is by first embracing your strengths and using them to help lead you on your path to success. Read More »

Raising Compassionate Kids

In this age of “entitlement” when adolescents are given more privileges than ever, empathy with people who are different or who don’t have the same material resources, are at an all time low. A Psychologist friend, told me that entitled children often seek only their own pleasure, and forget about other people’s feelings. They don’t empathize that not everyone grows up with Retina Display. Read More »

Is Your Future Strategically Controlled?

Over the years, businesses have embraced the fact that defining and having a strategic plan is an important component to long-term success. If you do not plan your direction, you cannot take control of your future. Read More »

Myth of Strengths and Weaknesses

MYTH OF STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES If you are a job seeker and attending an interview, you can bet that you will most likely be asked about your personal strengths and weaknesses. All Human Resources Managers would tell you that knowing your personal strengths and weaknesses can help you a lot in choosing the right career or making good decisions. Read More »

What Inspires Me?

My brain doesn’t turn off by itself. I have had to teach it to. The brain of a systems thinker cranks away at solving problems and making never-before-seen connections and enjoys doing that. There are two opposing activities that inspire me: using my brain and shutting it down. Read More »

Investing in Time

Take Back Control of Your Life You will get more out of your time when you learn how to get more out of your life.   After you determine what you want, what you value, what you believe, and where your priorities lie, determining how to spend a given day or hour is easy. In order to get more out ... Read More »

Empowering the Human Potential

Here are 4 reasons why human potential should infect your organization and how to make it happen. Human beings ALWAYS have purpose – It is in our nature to want to make a positive contribution to something bigger than ourselves. We want what we do to matter in some way that is meaningful to us. We MUST have purpose, or ... Read More »

Leaders Who Inspire Start with “Why”

How does a leader become truly inspirational? If the leader cannot clearly articulate WHY they exist in terms beyond its products or services, then how does (s)he expect the team members to know WHY to come to work? Certainly we are all motivated to come to work to get paid and other incentives. But pay doesn’t motivate us to give our ... Read More »

Values Build Successful Business

Following up on the Round-Table discussion that we had last week on the VoARadio Network, I am going to elaborate a little bit more on how values help leaders bring consistency and meaning to their purpose. “The very essence of leadership is that you have a vision. It’s got to be a vision you articulate clearly and forcefully on every ... Read More »

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