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Four M-s

Those who have studied successful leaders over the last 300 years or more have found certain traits successful leaders had in common that accounted to their achievements. These success techniques not only helped them forward but also sustained them even in times of depression, recession, or other personal disasters. Read More »

Self-Defeating Behaviors

I believe that the key to effective performance in the workplace— and to lasting satisfaction with one's work—lies in fully awakening, using, and developing one's human capacities. Read More »

Pursuit of Happiness

A rut is a coffin with the ends knocked out. Get out of the rut and change your life forever! Read More »

Generational Differences

Nothing is fool proof, but the odds are in our favor when we know more about the person we are hiring; personality, generationally and skills wise. Read More »

Our Worst Enemy

What holds people back from performing better in the workplace? Read More »

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