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Ten Motivating Factors That Work Wonders With Employee Performance

This article is a continuation of the last week’s posting on accountability. A study at MIT showed that monetary incentives are great for routine, mechanical work. But how does it play when talking about cognitive, advanced tasks? Not well at all. Watch this super cool animation and get a better understanding on how the labor force will react in 5 to 10 ... Read More »

Think and ‘Do’ Courage

I take a great deal of pride in the work I do for my clients as well as those contacts who aren’t. I have the strong belief that my role is to do what is right for the people and the business. Because of this I may tell people things they don’t want to hear. Some cases I have lost ... Read More »

Positive Thinking – Your Secret Weapon

Learning, growing, and changing is possible with the right attitude and focus. All individuals have the ability to master their individual talents and be the best they can be! There are people who scoff at this philosophy and espouse limiting beliefs. However, that is the fundamental difference between positive thinking and foolish thinking. We all have the innate ability to ... Read More »

Entrepreneurial Leadership

Would the sole reason you would be starting your own business be that you would want to make a lot of money?  Do you think that if you had your own business that you would have more time with your family?  Or maybe that you would not have to answer to anyone else?  If so, you had better think again. ... Read More »

Effective Executive and the Listening Skills

Peter Drucker is a highly regarded consultant and prolific writer in the sphere of management and leadership. His classic 1966 work, The Effective Executive, emphasizes the importance of focusing the executive’s work load to avoid “wasting time” on non-essential matters. Drucker’s basic model for an effective executive can be summarized as follows: one, executives must carefully choose how to spend, and ... Read More »

Focusing your mind on a specific goal

The statement, “You can do anything you put your mind to,” leads us to believe that all you must do is imagine what you’d like to accomplish, set your mind to the task, and wait for success. To a certain degree this is true. Focused intention combined with action is a powerful force. But the statement is misleading because it ... Read More »

The Power of Thoughts, Words and Actions

We acquire knowledge, but we lack awareness. Awareness arises when knowledge accompanies action. Mere acquisition of knowledge does not mean that such knowledge will translate into action. For instance, most of us know that if you smoke cigarettes, you are susceptible to cancer. Cigarette smokers see the statutory warning imprinted on the cigarette packs: ”Smoking is injurious to health’’. Nevertheless, they continue ... Read More »

A Perception Shattering Moment

How often do we perceive, not what is, but a narrow viewpoint bounded by what we believe? Several years ago, I remember reading an article in Fast Company (a cutting edge business magazine) about the new face of Al Jazeera, the Arabic news channel. Al Jazeera is the Arabic news channel that has aired video messages from Middle East terrorists, kidnappers and Osama ... Read More »

Strategies for planning a Year of Achievement and Success

Last week I was interviewed by Brad Simkins on his Blog Radio Talk Show. As we enter a New Year, I thought the topic is an appropriate choice to focus upon. So, here is a link to that recording. Success comes to those people who can manage their time according to their priorities. It is due to the fact that ... Read More »

Happy New You in 2011

Life is a blackboard upon which we consciously or unconsciously write those messages which govern us. We hold the chalk and the eraser in our hand but are ignorant of this fact. What we now experience we need not continue to experience but the hand which holds the erasure must do its neutralizing work. ~ Ernest Holmes   As you ... Read More »

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