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Getting "It" Done

Do you have an “It” project that’s been lingering around on your “should Do” list for a couple of months or more? You know the one… it’s that project that you keep seeing on the periphery that just never seems to make it to the top of your “Must Do” list. Actually, it may even have a longer name. It ... Read More »

We Don’t Need to Manage our Time Better

One of the most commonly shared and seriously flawed beliefs is that simply spending time on something will generate positive results. If you buy into this premise, then you’re probably rushed much of the time. On the other hand, high-quality, focused energy is essential to achieving results. Just putting in hours is NOT the point. We don’t need to manage our time better; we ... Read More »

Strategies for planning a Year of Achievement and Success

Last week I was interviewed by Brad Simkins on his Blog Radio Talk Show. As we enter a New Year, I thought the topic is an appropriate choice to focus upon. So, here is a link to that recording. Success comes to those people who can manage their time according to their priorities. It is due to the fact that ... Read More »

We are what we repeatedly do

At the last week’s Time Strategies webinar, I made a recommendation to define your values, purpose, and goals in order to achieve what you need to accomplish in the time that you have in a given day. There are relationship, career, personal interest, family and social demands… all screaming for attention in our lives. Each of us has the same ... Read More »

Beat the Time Bandits

We all have time bandits at work and at home. These are the people and things that block us from reaching our goals and getting through our daily To-Do lists. The usual suspects are in our lineup: Low-To-No-Control Gang The Low-To-No-Control Gang harbors time bandits that are outside our span of control, unless we make profound changes to the world ... Read More »

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