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How Well Do You Know Them?

It is often said that it is not who you know that matters, it is who knows you. Well, I would like to extend this statement by saying that it is not only who you know and who knows you, but how well do you know them and how well they know you? Read More »

A Servant Organization is A Healthy Organization

Servant leadership promotes the valuing and development of people, the building of community, the practice of authenticity, the providing of leadership for the good of those led and the sharing of power and status for the common good of each individual, the total organization and those served by the organization. Read More »

The Confluence of Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul in Spiritual Leadership

Spiritual leadership is about life, because if you are going to tell people how to live, you have to live that way yourself. LIVE BY EXAMPLE. Leaders motivate people to work hard and well if that is modeled in the leader. Read More »

One Question About Gratitude – Quantum Physics of Beliefs

Tomorrow, we here in the U.S. will be celebrating Thanksgiving, and our thoughts have turned to describe the gratitude and appreciation. Yes, it’s important to be thankful and express gratitude. I recommend you stop and ask yourself the question, “For what am I thankful?” often, daily if at all possible. Read More »

Attention and Focus – Quantum Physics of Beliefs

While the link between attention and excellence remains hidden most of the time, it ripples through almost everything we seek to accomplish. Focus matters enormously for success in life and yet we seem to give it little attention. Attention works much like a muscle, use it poorly and it can wither; work it well and it grows. Read More »

Leadership and Culture – Quantum Physics of Beliefs

Earning and giving trust is a vital part of competing in a globalized world, but it’s also a complicating factor. What makes a trustworthy person in one country doesn’t always translate across cultures. Read More »

Leading from the Heart is Unconventional – Quantum Physics of Beliefs

Glimpses into our heart’s desire cannot be plucked from the air. We must integrate both feeling and thinking because when our heart is involved, we feel an expansion of self and meaning in life. The experience lingers in our consciousness and gives a sense of purpose, integration with others, and empathy. Read More »

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