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Ten Motivating Factors That Work Wonders With Employee Performance

This article is a continuation of the last week’s posting on accountability. A study at MIT showed that monetary incentives are great for routine, mechanical work. But how does it play when talking about cognitive, advanced tasks? Not well at all. Watch this super cool animation and get a better understanding on how the labor force will react in 5 to 10 ... Read More »

Entrepreneurial Leadership

Would the sole reason you would be starting your own business be that you would want to make a lot of money?  Do you think that if you had your own business that you would have more time with your family?  Or maybe that you would not have to answer to anyone else?  If so, you had better think again. ... Read More »

Craft a Purpose Driven Life

One thing that I have noticed about successful people is that they all seem to have a clear vision of exactly where they are going. They may not know all things in the middle but they definitely know what to expect in the end. Not only do they know but they will not let the picture die. They will constantly look past the ... Read More »

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